TZN Gaming
  •   7 игрок Double Elimination
  •   Street Fighter V
  •   June 12, 2016 за 9:00 AM PDT
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Start Screen III SFV Tourney Rules: 
- System: PS4 / "BYOC" 
- All SFV Tournament Games will be "Standard Tourney Format" on a "Double Elimination Bracket" (2/3 & 3/5 for L.Finals/W.Finals/G.Finals on Default Game Settings) as Voted by Tzn Fgc
- Button Checks are Responsiblity of both players before match starts.
- If both players can't decide on a Stage, The "Training Stage" will be utilized
- If any Player Uses a DS4, It is the responsibility of that player to "De-Sync" After Match Finishes.
- "Blind Pick" may be requested by any player at anytime.
- It is the Responsibility of the "Winning Player" to Report the Match Score.
- Coaching is Allowed, However, Only 1 Coach may be Coaching at 1 Time.

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Финальные результаты

Победитель: MFMagnus
Достойный противник: Exley
Возможно в другой раз: cfn_CHUCKLES

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