Monday Bar Fights 3.6

  • 10 giocatore Double Elimination  
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV  
  • November 2, 2015 a 6:30 PM PST  
  • Check-in: Chiuso  
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Monday Bar Fights (MBF) is a Seasonal Weekly (ONLINE) USFIV Tournament with Top-3 Prize Code Payouts.

MBF T.O./Hosts : TZN Shock ---@shockbeast ( ShockBeast
TZN Exley ---@exley ( 

SCHEDULE: See Below-----Mondays Check-in Starts at 7:30P & Tourney Starts at 9:30PM (View MBF Forum below for more Info on Rules/Reg.Link & Updates  @:
LOCATION: USFIV (Private) Endless Lobby on PS4 System
COST: FREE (Open to the General Public)
REGISTRATION: Reg. Links are posted on MBF's Forum above.
PLAYER CAP: 16---So enter in a timely manner


- Double Elimination/2-3 Rounds (3-5 Rounds for Winners Finals/Losers Finals/& Grand Finals)
- NOT Character Locked
- Loser may switch Character for next Set but Winner must stay with same Character
- If a Player is not present for a Match, A Bye will be awarded to the opposing player & will automatically advance in the Bracket.

No taunting during matches (MBF has a strict taunting policy)

1st Offence: Warning. (We know Accidents Happen)

2nd Offence: Forfeiture of Round you Taunted in.

3rd Offence: DQ from Tournament.
- Training Stage is the FGC Preferred Tournament Standard Stage due to No Background Activity (Which may contribute to lag issues & keeps the players focused on the match). However, Stage Select is a mutual agreement between both players. If both players can't agree on a certain stage or one player requests Training Stage, The Training Stage will take Priority & will be Utilized.

- Button Checks are are NOT Generally Allowed in a Online Tournament, However, if necessary, will be granted if requested in Chat on a 1-time Basis.
- If a match drops due to Any Online Issues, An Attempt will be made by both players to Re-Start the Match in Similar Life, Time, & Meter Situation in the Exact Round of the Drop.
- Tournament will be held in a Private Endless Lobby, Please don't push Ready until it's your Turn or it causes Delays. [Check the Brackets & Watch the Stream]
- RED BARS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE, HOWEVER, Yellow bars will be considered on a case by case basis depending on the Connection Speed. (It is advisable to limit Wi-fi bandwidth on all your devices while participating in MBF).
To Help you qualify for MBF's Bandwidth requirements, I suggest you connect PS4 through Ethernet (Hard-Wired) instead of Wi-Fi, and forward your Ports by clicking here:



MONDAY BAR FIGHTS!! (MBF) SEASON 3 (Hosted by our Local FGC Team TZN's SF Scene----Offline FGC Scene in 209/Cen-Cal Area) @: "MBF" is a Weekly USFIV OPEN/FREE-TO-ENTER ONLINE/OFFLINE PSN TOURNAMENT with a TOP 3 PRIZE-PAYOUT SYSTEM. Season 3 is on PS4 & will Run for 5 Wks (Excluding ALL-STAR Bonus wk 4) on Mondays Nights @9PM Starting with the Season Opener This Monday on 09/14/15. For MBF Rules, Reg.Links, Season Schedule, Prizes, & Updates (See Below) & Follow This Official MBF Forum Thread. Deadline to enter is 9:00PST & Tourney Starts at 9:30PST.
- Season 3 Will be on PS4 

- Players will have the ability to Commentate MBF Sets on Stream via PS4's "Party-Chat" Function.
- There will be a Bonus Week in Mid-Season to Include a "ALL-STARS BREAK" (Wk-4) aside from the Main Season. This Bonus "ALL-STARS BREAK" will Feature an (INVITE ONLY) Edition Select/Omega Mode.
- Also New to MBF Since Season 2, Season 3 Will feature OFFLINE integration into the MAIN ONLINE TOURNAMENT. This will Combine both our Online & Offline Scenes. 

- Winners Finals/Losers Finals/Grand Finals will all be 3-5 Sets.
- There will be a POT BONUS on top of The Grand-Prize Payout at the SEASON FINALE. 

- As an additional incentive, a $10 PSN Code (Courtesy of @Team_TZN) will be awarded to the player with the "Highest Overall Ranking" in Season 3 at the end of the Season. (See Prize-Pool Below)

- (NEW CHECK-IN RULE TO SEASON 3)----Check-In Opens at 7PM, Be sure to log into your Challonge Account & Check-In Before the Tourney Begins as this prevents un-necessary Bye's during the Tourney. Just signing-up alone does not guarantee a bracket seat unless you check-in before Tourney Begins.) Remember, Tournament Entrants is Currently Capped at 16 Players So make sure you enter in a timely manner. (When the 16 PLAYER-CAP is reached, Additional Entrants are placed in a Stand-By Pool Awaiting Bye's, (If Any). (Previous weeks MBF Winner is automatically Entered).
For Latest MBF Updates/Reveals/ & Results, Be sure to Follow the Official MBF Season 3 SRK Forum Thread (This Thread) & TZN's SF Scene @:
Also Follow Team TZN's Social Outlets below so you don't miss any of TZN's ONLINE/OFFLINE Events @:
Team TZN's Online Page(Website):
Team TZN's Twitter:
Team TZN's FaceBook:
Team TZN's Public Forum (Local FGC Scene Thread):

Monday Bar Fights Season 3!! Complete Season Schedule:

09/14/15: MBF 3.1 TOP-3 Results (Season Opener):

1st: @deadpoo108 
2nd: @Trouble5
3rd: @OctopusWreckerr

09/21/15: MBF 3.2 TOP-3 Results (September's Monthly Raffle):

1st: @deadpoo108 
2nd: @ShockBeast
3rd: @Pilgrimage85

09/28/15: MBF 3.3 TOP-3 Results:

2nd: @El_Kirito
3rd: @Pilgrimage85

10/05/15: MBF 3.4 TOP-3 Results:

2-Week Mid-Season Break

10/26/15: MBF 3.5 TOP-3 Results (October's Monthly Raffle):

1st: @Shockbeast
2nd: @deadpoo108
3rd: @akumasxrage11

11/02/15: MBF 3.6 (Monthly Raffle) 

Reg. Link: (Follow Team TZN's Social Outlets Above

11/09/15: MBF 3.7 (Season Finale +POT BONUS) 

Reg. Link: (Follow Team TZN's Social Outlets Above)


- You may only pick 1 Prize Code/Item from your placement pot. However, If nothing Interests you in your own Prize Pot, you may pick something from a Lower Placement Pot but not Higher than your own placement pot. (3rd place doesn't have this option.)
- To Claim your Code, make a selection from your respective prize pot below & send ur message to on twitter & Include the Following 3 things:

1. Twitch/Twitter ID (For Follower Verification)**
(Only Channel Followers are eligible for Prize Payouts so be sure to Follow the Channel (Free to Follow) + Channel Followers have a chance to Win a Monthly Prize out of the MBF Prize-Pool or through the Channel's Currency System.
2. Your Prize-Pot/Placement ** &
3. Prize Selection**
##(Once I send out your Code, It can not be reversed, so be sure of your selection)

#3rd Place Prize-Pot: A Choice between PSN Avatar/Themes, App-Store Casual Game Codes , or PSN DLC Codes:
**1. Premium PSN Theme/Avatar [OUT OF STOCK]**  
**2. Madden NFL16 100 Points [PS4]**
**3. Aliens Colonial Marines DLC (Various) [PS3]**  
**4. MLB15 The Show 1000 Stubs [PS3/PS4/Vita]**  

**5. FIFA16 100 Points [PS4/PS3]**

**6. NBA Live16 100-Points [PS4]**

**7. Jurrasic Park Trilogy Pack 1 or Pack 2 [PS4/PS3]**

**8. Apple Casual Game: Angry Birds [App-Store]**  

**9. Apple Casual Game: Plants vs. Zombies [App-Store]**  

#2nd Place Prize-Pot: A Choice Between PSN DLC Codes/USF4 Advanced Tactics/Frame Data IOS APP/or  IOS FULL Games:
**1. Madden NFL16 150 Points [PS4]**
**2. NBA 2K15: 5,000 Virtual Currency DLC [PS4]**
**3. WWE 2K15 Accelerator [PS3/PS4]**  
**4. Escape Plan DLC (Various) [PS4]**  
**5. COD Ghosts Upgrades DLC (Various) [PS3/PS4]**  
**6. DriveClub Midnight Tour PK DLC [PS4]**  
**7. Killzone Shawdowfall Fun & Games pk DLC (PS4)**  
**8. The Last of Us Survival Skills DLC [PS4]**  
**9. Toy Soldiers: War Chest-2000 Silver Tokens DLC [PS4]
**10. Apple Casual Game: Mega Man-2  [App-Store]**
**11. Apple Casual Game: NBA JAM  [App-Store]**
**12. Apple Casual Game: Tetris [App-Store]**
**13. USFIV Frame Data & Advanced Tactics APP (IOS APP) [App-Store Code]
##- or any 1 of 3rd Place Prize Pot for a Total of 15 Choices  
#Grand Prize-Pot (1st Place Payout) A Choice between 15 PSN DLC CODES or 5 FULL GAMES:
**1. Madden NFL16 250 Points [PS4]**
**2. Batman Arkham Knight DLC (Various) [PS3]**  
**3. MKX Sub-Zero Blue-Steel Skin DLC [PS4]**  
**4. The Last of Us Gestures Bundle DLC [PS4/PS3]**  
**5. Borderlands2 Headhunter DLC (Various) [PS3]**  
**6. Lego Batman 3 DLC (Various) [PS3]**  
**7. Deception IV DLC (Various) [PS4/PS3/Vita]**
**8. Tetris Ultimate DLC (Various) [PS4]**
**9. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F: DLC (Various) [PS3Vita]**
**10. Helldivers DLC (Various) [PS Vita/PS4/PS3]**
**11. Shadow of Mortor Endless Challenge DLC [PS3]**  
**12. Shadow of Mortor Legion Edition: Berserk's Warband DLC [PS4]
**13. COD Adv. Warfare ExoSkele DLC (Various) [PS3/PS4]**  
**14. TWD Survival Instinct (Execution DLC) [PS3]**  

**15. Samurai Warriors 4-2 DLC (Various) [PS4/Cross-Buy]**

**16. GTA5 100k Cash Card  in-game Currency [PS3]**  
**17. Thomas Was Alone (PSN Indie Game) [PS3/PS4/Vita]**  
**18. Katamari Damacy (PSN Full Game) [PS3]**  
**19. Worms 2 Armageddon (XBLA Full Game) [XBOX 360]**
**20. The Bureau XCOM Declassified [PC Full Game]**
**21. SF2 Collection (APPLE IOS FULL GAME) [App-store code]**
#- Or Any 2nd Place or 3rd Place Prize Pot for a Grand Total of 43 Choices  
**1. Last of Us American Dreams Comic#1 (Dark-Horse Account Takeover)**
**2. Mortal Kombat X: Horror Pack DLC [PS4]**
**3. SFIV VOLT (APPLE IOS FULL GAME) (App-Store Code) Game Includes Online & Local (Offline) Bluetooth Play**

**4. $5 VUDU Code

**as an additional incentive, a $10 PSN Code (Courtesy of @Team_TZN) will be awarded to the player with the "Highest Placings" in a Season at the Season Finale. 

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Risultati Finali

Campione Supremo: TTT (CCG) Pilgrimage
Degno Avversario: WNF Deadpool
Maybe Next Time: Trouble

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