RageQuit 1.1

  • 14 joueur Double Elimination  
  • Street Fighter V  
  • 8 June 2017 à 18:00 PDT  
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TZN Gaming Presents: RAGEQUIT 1.1 (FREE-to-Enter ONLINE SFV Tournament with Top-3 Payouts) 

Presented by TZN Gaming,  RageQuit will also be a Qualifier for TZN's Offline Events! 

1st Place will Auto-Qualify you for FREE-Entry to any TZN Local Offline Event ($10 Value) 

2nd-Place will have an Option between a Qualifier or a Prize

TOP-3 PRIZE-PAYOUTS will be as Follows:
1st Place: $20 GameStop Online Code + Auto-Qualifyer for any Offline TZN Event!
2nd Place: Choice Between a $10 GameStop Online-Code or Qualifier for any TZN Local Offline Event ($10 Value)
3rd Place: $5 GameStop Online-Code

Stay tuned to the FB Event-Page! for more Announcements/Reveals leading up to the Event! 

- You must "Check-in" 30-Mins before Tournament Starts (All Matches will take place from TZN's Discord Server @:https://discord.gg/m7HHDMF
- Be Sure! to enter in a Timely Manner!, This Tournament is Capped at 32-Players! 
- Button Checks are Responsibility of both players before Tournament starts.
- "Blind Picks" are generally not afforded in an Online Tournament.
- It is the Responsibility of the "Winning Player" to Report the Match Score.
If a Player is not present for a Match, A Bye will be awarded to the Opposing Player & will Automatically Advance in the Bracket.


SFV (Game-Specific) RULES: 
- System: PS4 / PC 
- All SFV Tournament Games will be Double Elimination (2/3-Pools & 3/5 for L.Finals/W.Finals/G.Finals on Default Game Settings).
- Stage will be random select. Beach, Plane, and Training stage are Soft-BANNED! (If Both Players Agree, Match will Play-On)
- Not Character Locked, However, Only Loser may switch Character for next Set, but Winner must stay with same Character.


Button Checks are are NOT Generally Allowed in a Online Tournament, It is the Responsibilty of the Player before Tournament Begins.

If a match drops due to Any Online Issues, An Attempt will be made by both players to Re-Start the Match in Similar Life, Time, & Meter Situation in the Exact Round of the Drop.

Streamed Tournament Matches will be held in a Battle-Lounge Lobby, Please don't push Ready until it's your Turn or instructed to do so by the T/O's or it causes Delays. [Check the Bracket-Page as you'll be invited to the Streamed Lobby for your match.] 

Bracket-Page: http://tzn.challonge.com/RQ1

This Online Tournament requires that you must be connected to the Internet via ethernet cord for maximum bandwith connection speeds & to prevent lag issues. We suggest using a Cat5 or Cat6 Cable for Maximum Bandwith. We also suggest "Port-Forwarding" to imrove Online Lag. Other things that concern bandwith relating to Online Lag include but not limited to: Connected Devices, Service Plans, etc.

For More Reveals/Info be sure to Visit RQ Event-Page @: https://www.facebook.com/events/1942141196071636/

For more Info on our Local Tzn Fgc Scene & all things #FGC, be sure to join TZN's Discord @: 
https://discord.gg/83ahW. (TZN's Discord has over 100+ Players for your Match-Making needs in Various FG's)

For More Info on TZN's Local/Offline & Online Events, & to Stay Current on all our Activities & Sessions, Be sure to Follow TZN's Social Outlets Below:
TZN's Twitter: https://twitter.com/TZN_Gaming
TZN's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TZNgaming/
TZN's Discord: https://discord.gg/…/www.facebook.…/groups/1700633836851067/
TZN's Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/tzn_gaming
TZN's YT Channel (TZN Gaming): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLi-ht-flE3FsxsKjyutIJQ
TZN's Email: [email protected]

Résultats finaux

Gagnant du tournois: 420Goddess
Digne adversaire: Sgtslapahoe
Peut-être la prochaine fois: Breezydrake

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